Endo affects 10% of women, and can lead to serious and lasting health effects, yet no one talks about it in the way they talk about Breast Cancer. 

I think you can do a portrait project, with 3 parts.

First, you talk to these women and find out what their experiences have been. This would most likely be someone their comfortable talking to, in depth, about some of their preconceptions and how their lives have changed since diagnosis and treatment.

The 2nd element is a portrait. A great portrait gives a glimpse into someone's life and allows you to identify with their experience in a way that words cannot. You want to create that human connection with your audience, you want them to be reminded of a teacher, a colleague, or family member.

The 3rd part is a photo, offering a vignette into some aspect of life with Endometriosis. It could be a month's worth of pills, laid out in a single image. Maybe it's a genetics test, blown up the match the size of the portrait, highlighting the role of genetic predisposition. This section would be the most variable, with the hope that through telling a small piece of each individual's story, the audience will grasp the whole.

Ideally the project would involve 10 - 20 women, and there would be some kind of plan to showcase the project through UCSF and/or an organization affiliated with Endo Treatment/Awareness. 

Let me know what you think.

A mock-up I threw together, they'd likely all be in color, and the images would have captions explaining briefly what they are, but you get the idea.